Number of devices such as smartphone, tablets, smart watches and chips around us grows every day. We know the historical on Internet of Things (IoT) we see how the findings and maturation of technologies contributed to evolução of coisas. The coisas word is called on objects, animals, plants, automation systems.

According to CISCO research in 2008 the number of things surpassed the number of people in the world.

Before 2008 people interacted exclusively with the internet through device like notebook, smartphone … this person-machine-interaction internet is called Internet people (IoP).

After 2008 with the number of most significant dispositos, the concept of objects begin to be perceived with meaning and higher purpose. It is conceived as an object endowed with intelligence and autonomy to perform functions that qntes needed human interaction.

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The graph shows that each person had the least 2 devices in 2008 and that in 2020 this number will reach the billions home. That moment was a milestone because before 2008 people interact with the Internet through the device as an example notebook, smartphone … but with the increase of objects that scenario changes.

Objects are created with defined goal, ie a chair is an object in which it is created to sit and typically has legs and can have encosto.Esse object could be taken advantage of and gain intelligence chair inteligente. Source:

We talk about smart objects, but what is Internet of Things?

Objects with software embedded technologies, electronics, sensors and any kind of connectivity to enable exchange information with other objects, services, and has a unique ID on the physical network objects.

Link the real world with the virtual through sensors.

The information collected by all the sensors is not worth much if there is no infrastructure to analyze it. At the end of the data collected generate more accurate and therefore more effective control.

Internet of Things is not myth but reality, we have not reached the potential of IoT to the extreme, but we can already enjoy some products in this segment. In IoTList you can track product launch.